Ruby on Rails #108 How to use the Browser Geolocation API with Rails

10 months ago
browser api stimulusjs javascript geolocation api find nearby

Another geolocation episode!
In previous episodes we learnt to get COORDINATES based on address, and place coordinates on a map.
Now, we will learn to get a users' accurate geolocation based on browser Geolocation API. It is supported by any browser!
We will integrate Geolocation into a Rails app with StimulusJS.

Warning! Asking for access to the location on page load will result in most of your users rejecting access.

Blogpost for this video:
Episode source code:

P.S. what do you think about my new setup ๐ŸŒœ? That's actually the reason I did the few previous episodes without showing face ๐ŸŒ

0:00 Geocoding and maps recap
0:35 Example search by current location
1:08 Browser Geolocation API
1:40 Stimulus Geolocation Controller
4:04 Button to get location
5:10 Search near me (use browser coordinates in query)
6:40 Works! DEMO
7:18 Geolocation accuracy problems?!

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