Choose an ordered learning path and learn step by step

#101 iCalendar and .ics format. Add events to calendar #102 Email Calendar Invite #104 Remote Calendar Subscription with WEBCAL
Build a Calendar

Do you work at 37signals?
Are you building a calendar?
Are you facing a deadline?
This series is for you! 😜

#160 Meta Tags. Open Graph, SEO, social sharing previews #162 Gem Ferrum - Generate PDF and PNG with Headless Chrome API. No Puppeteer, no NodeJS
Build an OpenGraph automation tool

Automate your open-graph social images with screenshots!

Get better CTR to your link with engaging OG social images.

Build a micro SaaS like or

CertificateOwl day1 - product and market ressearch CertificateOwl day2 - building a proof-of-concept (POC) app with Ruby on Rails
Build a PDF generator (CertificateOwl)

I've always dreamt of building an app, where a user can:
1. Select a certificate template (certificate of completion/award/graduation/etc.)
2. Upload a CSV file with a list of awardees;emails;award_details
3. Auto-generate PDF certificates and send people emails
4. Page to validate certificate by QR on ID

I will start with researching the competition and building a proof-of-concept app.
Let's see where it takes me!

#1 Essentials! Let's build a User Feedback app with Rails 7 #2 Production! Let's build a User Feedback app with Rails 7
Build a Q&A app

I am often asked to create a video about X topic.
This app would allow content creators to create Questions, and their audience can add Answers and upvote them (yeah, sounds a bit like Stackoverflow).

Friendly Show E1 Pilot 😬. You need a CS degree to be a programmer? How did you start? RailsSaaS conf Friendly Show E2 Adrian and Yaro visited RailsSaaS Conference in Athens, Greece Friendly Show E3 The Ruby On Rails Interview Bible - Author Nezir Zahirović talks about his book
Friendly Show Podcast
#171 Internationalisation (i18n) basics. Translate your app! #172 i18n. Set language preferences in session or in User model #173 automate translations with AI
i18n (internationalization)
Live talk: Hotwire, ViewComponent, StimulusJS in production (my experience ) Yaroslav Shmarov - 18 months of using hotwire and viewcomponent in production - wroc_love.rb 2022 Rails World - Hotwire Cookbook - Yaroslav Shmarov: Common Uses, Essential Patterns & Best Practices -
Live talks
#106 How to use gem Geocoder, GPS coordinates, distance calculation, map markers #107 How to display locations on a map with Mapbox API and gem Mapkick like AirBnB #108 How to use the Browser Geolocation API with Rails
Maps & Geolocation
#166 PWA (Progressive Web Apps) in Rails 8 #167 Build a PWA
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
#126 API from Zero. Bearer authentication #127 cURL for CRUD API requests #128 Faraday CRUD API requests. Communicate between two Rails apps!

- Bearer token authentication
- create API endpoints
- Swagger
- OpenAPI
- rswag
- Usage tracking
- Rate limiting
& more!

#81 StimulusJS: Conditionally display form fields based on selected value #87 StimulusJS select all checkboxes #66 StimulusJS: Targets, Values, Classes. Build a PRO dropdown
Stimulus JS
#5 Stripe API - Pay Now Button with Stripe Checkout API #6 Stripe API - Stripe with Devise, Create Stripe API records from Rails #7 Stripe API - Hijack Stripe Checkout Session, Payment Success URL
Stripe Ecommerce App

Build an app where user can add items (and choose quantity) to the shopping card and checkout by processing a payment via Stripe.

Also available on Udemy: