Choose an ordered learning path and learn step by step

#1 Essentials! Let's build a User Feedback app with Rails 7 #2 Production! Let's build a User Feedback app with Rails 7
Building Askdemos

I am often asked to create a video about X topic.
This app would allow content creators to create Questions, and their audience can add Answers and upvote them (yeah, sounds a bit like Stackoverflow).

CertificateOwl day1 - product and market ressearch CertificateOwl day2 - building a proof-of-concept (POC) app with Ruby on Rails
Building CertificateOwl

I've always dreamt of building an app, where a user can:
1. Select a certificate template (certificate of completion/award/graduation/etc.)
2. Upload a CSV file with a list of awardees;emails;award_details
3. Auto-generate PDF certificates and send people emails
4. Page to validate certificate by QR on ID

I will start with researching the competition and building a proof-of-concept app.
Let's see where it takes me!

Ruby on Rails #101 iCalendar and .ics format. Add events to calendar Ruby on Rails #102 Email Calendar Invite Ruby on Rails #104 Remote Calendar Subscription with WEBCAL

Do you work at 37signals?
Are you building a calendar?
Are you facing a deadline?
This series is for you! 😜

Friendly Show E1 Pilot 😬. You need a CS degree to be a programmer? How did you start? RailsSaaS conf Friendly Show E2 Adrian and Yaro visited RailsSaaS Conference in Athens, Greece Friendly Show E3 The Ruby On Rails Interview Bible - Author Nezir Zahirović talks about his book
Friendly Show Podcast
Live talk: Hotwire, ViewComponent, StimulusJS in production (my experience ) Yaroslav Shmarov - 18 months of using hotwire and viewcomponent in production - wroc_love.rb 2022 Rails World - Hotwire Cookbook - Yaroslav Shmarov: Common Uses, Essential Patterns & Best Practices -
Live talks
Ruby on Rails #106 How to use gem Geocoder, GPS coordinates, distance calculation, map markers Ruby on Rails #107 How to display locations on a map with Mapbox API and gem Mapkick like AirBnB Ruby on Rails #108 How to use the Browser Geolocation API with Rails
Maps & Geolocation
Ruby on Rails #166 PWA (Progressive Web Apps) in Rails 8 Ruby on Rails #167 Build a PWA
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Rails 7 #126 API from Zero. Bearer authentication Rails 7 #127 cURL for CRUD API requests Rails 7 #128 Faraday CRUD API requests. Communicate between two Rails apps!

- Bearer token authentication
- create API endpoints
- Swagger
- OpenAPI
- rswag
- Usage tracking
- Rate limiting
& more!

Ruby on Rails #81 StimulusJS: Conditionally display form fields based on selected value Ruby on Rails #87 StimulusJS select all checkboxes Ruby on Rails #66 StimulusJS: Targets, Values, Classes. Build a PRO dropdown
Stimulus JS
Ruby on Rails #5 Stripe API - Pay Now Button with Stripe Checkout API Ruby on Rails #6 Stripe API - Stripe with Devise, Create Stripe API records from Rails Ruby on Rails #7 Stripe API - Hijack Stripe Checkout Session, Payment Success URL
Stripe Ecommerce App

Build an app where user can add items (and choose quantity) to the shopping card and checkout by processing a payment via Stripe.

Also available on Udemy:

Ruby on Rails #12 Stripe API - SaaS blog - Build the MVP Ruby on Rails #13 Stripe API - SaaS blog - gem Stripe + gem Devise, display Stripe pricing via API Ruby on Rails #14 Stripe API - SaaS blog - Stripe Checkout Session, Billing Portal
Stripe SaaS Subscriptions app

Rails 6, Stripe Checkout, Stripe Billing dashboard

Stripe Subscriptions with Rails 7 Stripe LIFETIME Subscriptions with Rails 7 Stripe Embedded Checkout form
Stripe SaaS with Rails 7

Revised approach to processing subscriptions

Tailwind on Rails #138 Responsive Layout with Sidebar and Navbar Tailwind on Rails #139 Advanced Navbar Dropdown Menu Tailwind on Rails #140 Click outside to close Menu with Stimulus-Use
Tailwind on Rails

Stop copypasting CSS and Javascript UI elements!
Learn to write your own!
Really, there are like 50 classes that you need to remember and you're set for life!

Ruby on Rails #02 Telegram API - Create Bot, use API, gem HTTParty Ruby on Rails #03 Telegram API - notifications for CRUD operations Ruby on Rails #04 Telegram API - omniauth without a gem
Telegram API

Automate your Telegram group!
- Create a bot
- Auto-send notifications to group chat
- oAuth