Friendly Show S2E2 Amanda Perino. RailsWorld 2024. CFP open. How to become a speaker?

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Join the dialogue with Amanda Perino, CEO of the Rails Foundation, as we unpack the intricacies and excitement of Rails World 2024.

Amanda brings her unique perspective to the table, revealing the behind-the-scenes of organizing a top-tier conference in Toronto and how they're shaping it to be an even more engaging and community-driven event.

We reminisce about past encounters that birthed our podcast and hear updates on both the Rails community's beloved doggo - Milo, and the technical leaps expected with Rails 8.

What's more, we take your feedback to heart, promising more networking woven into the fabric of this year's slightly streamlined talk schedule.

Our conversation with Amanda Perino doesn't stop there—venture with us as she sheds light on the electrifying atmosphere of RailsVeld at the Evergreen Brickworks and teases at the global roadmap for future Rails events.

Imagine the potential of Rails conferences in places as diverse as Colombia and Slovakia!

Plus, we get a sneak peek into the Rails Foundation's 2024 agenda, focusing on enhancing documentation, education, and marketing for the community.

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