Friendly Show E6 RailsWorld, EuRuKo, FriendlyRB

5 months ago

Adrian and Yaroslav completed a Triathlon by visiting 3 Ruby conferences in the span of 3 weeks!

Today we meet to share our fresh emotions after visiting these amazing events.

  • EuRuKo (European Ruby Conference) took place in Vilnus, Lithuania (550 attendees)
  • FriendlyRB that was organized by Adrian in Bucharest, Romania (130 attendees)
  • The first ever RailsWorld conference was in Amsterdam, Netherlands (700 attendees)
  • Adrian gave an unconference talk about Build Rails apps 10x faster at EuRuKo
  • Yaroslav gave a talk Hotwire Cookbook at RailsWorld about common usecases and patterns for Hotwire

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