Ruby on Rails #55 Subdomain Multitenancy with Ernest Addae

24/09/2021 (over 2 years ago)

Watch Ernest Addae create and troubleshoot an application with Subdomain Multitenancy (like,

At the end we discuss how to make it work in production with Heroku and SSL.

Second episode with some improvements and deployment to Heroku coming soon, so stay tuned!
Ernest Addae on Twitter:

2023 update: we never managed to meet up and record a QUALITY part 2 :(

0:00 Warming up
2:29 Start

create accounts:
seed accounts:
redirect to subdomain:
accounts module:
scaffold posts:
account has many posts:
Scoping Posts to Accounts module:
Better seeds:
Readme for LetsEncrypt SSL with Heroku production:

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