Code Along Video Subscription App #3: Notifications, Devise Confirmable, AWS SES, LetterOpener

15/06/2021 (almost 3 years ago)

In this Code-Along video series we'll be building a new home for all the videos -

Github repo:
Live demo:

0:00 Intro
0:26 styling for notifications
10:20 devise confirmable
17:40 confirm account from console
18:52 auto sign in after confirmation
21:50 autoconfirm omniauth email
24:30 Sending Emails in development and production
29:35 Amazon SES + your domapn (namecheap)
33:33 Get Amazon SES API keys
39:08 Amazon SES email address not verified
41:09 default outbound email addresses
43:22 gem letter opener
48:38 I AM TIRED

styling for notifications
devise confirmable
send emails in production with aws ses
gem letter opener for development

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