Ruby on Rails #5 Stripe API - Pay Now Button with Stripe Checkout API

23/03/2021 (about 3 years ago)
screencast rubyonrails

Github Repo:
Heroku Demo:
Stripe Dashboard:
Stripe Checkout:

initialize app
scaffold products
product validations
install gem stripe
stripe checkout session
add stripe webhooks

0:00 Introduction
1:56 Create new Rails app, push to github
4:14 Create Products table, validations, basic navigation
9:43 Gem Stripe, make API calls to Stripe
12:45 Rails Credentials - hide API keys
16:47 Stripe Checkout button
30:41 Recap on integrating Stripe Checkout button
32:07 Add sales_count to Products
34:52 Push application to Heroku
36:41 Webhook to update sales_count when Stripe successfully processes payment
44:35 Final DEMO

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