Rails World - Hotwire Cookbook - Yaroslav Shmarov: Common Uses, Essential Patterns & Best Practices -

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SupeRails creator and Rails mentor Yaroslav Shmarov shares how some of the most common frontend problems can be solved with Hotwire.

He covers:

  • Pagination, search and filtering, modals, live updates, dynamic forms, inline editing, drag & drop, live previews, lazy loading & more
  • How to achieve more by combining tools (Frames + Streams, StimulusJS, RequestJS, Kredis & more)
  • What are the limits of Hotwire?
  • How to write readable and maintainable Hotwire code
  • Bad practices

Slides available at: https://www.icloud.com/keynote/031WsmVqF1yJVtjl2riyTgw_A#RailsWorld_2023_Hotwire_Cookbook_Yaroslav_Shmarov

0:00 Intro
3:37 Turbo Drive
7:16 Turbo Frames
13:32 Git repo: https://github.com/yshmarov/hotwire-cookbook/
16:57 Turbo Streams HTTP
20:38 Turbo Streams Broadcast/Websockets/ActionCable
24:10 StimulusJS
30:32 Just Enough Hotwire for Rails Developers video series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csvaYIaBYpw&list=PLdTytUiloS16epXsqHswpCUMND_rksjr4

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