Rails SaaS Boilerplates and Starterkits. Trying out Bullettrain for the first time

15/05/2023 (11 months ago)
saas rails starter kit rails boilerplate saas boilerplate

Sometimes I have a new genious app idea, but when I start coding it I get demotivated with re-creating all the same functionality for the 100th time:

  • Authentication, SSO
  • Teams and Multitenancy
  • Roles (Authorization)
  • Payments & Subscriptions
  • Responsive layout
  • UI elements
  • Internationalization
  • CI setup
  • Tests for all the basic functionality

These days there are many starter kits.
I will try to make a general overveiw and comparison.

I will also try using and understanding the recently open sourced Bullettrain SaaS template, that I have high hopes for!

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