Rails #161 Import ICS Calendar events with Gem iCalendar

09/03/2024 (about 2 months ago)
ics calendar

I love building calendars!
ICS is the default format for a calendar file.
Today we'll learn to read an ICS file and import it into our app.

Recently 37signals released Import ICS events as a new feature in Hey Calendar.
You can do it too!

Episode source code: https://github.com/corsego/161-import-ics-calendar-events/commit/0e3704fc5728af60df6bc24f38062f46abfda4ba
Based on this blogpost: https://blog.corsego.com/import-ics-to-calendar

0:00 read the ICS format
2:00 iCalendar gem, parse ICS in rails console
4:24 Form to upload ICS file and save in database
10:00 Upload multiple ICS files
12:15 Write tests

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