Code Along Video Subscription App #2: Thumbnail, Logo, UsersController, Devise Trackable

14/06/2021 (almost 3 years ago)

In this Code-Along video series we'll be building a new home for all the videos -

Github repo:
Live demo:

0:00 introduction
0:42 boring footer styling - responsiveness
1:57 boring word-break styling - responsiveness
3:34 add thumbnail and logo, footer layout, word break
8:17 omniauth callback failure
8:56 split username
10:08 responsive header dropdown
11:51 users index and show
22:00 Boilerplate?!
22:30 Link to user profile
23:37 after_sign_in_path user_path(user)
25:30 devise trackable

add thumbnail and logo, footer layout, word break
omniauth callback failure, split username, responsive header dropdown
users index and show
after_sign_in_path user_path(user)
devise trackable

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