Ruby on Rails #68 Frames: Infinite Scroll Pagination

22/03/2022 (about 2 years ago)

In this previous episode we added a button to Load more records at the bottom of the list, with the help of Hotwire Turbo Streams.

Episode Source Code:

In the previous episode we automatically added more records to the bottom of the list while scrolling, with the help of Hotwire Turbo Frames.

0:00 Turbo Stream pagination
0:35 Turbo Frame pagination
2:16 Scaffold and Seed Posts
4:48 Basic Pagination
6:12 Lazy Load Turbo Frame
9:47 Display next page
12:50 Keep displaying next pages
14:30 Loading Placeholder
15:22 Autoscroll? No.
15:50 Summary

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