Ruby on Rails #107 How to display locations on a map with Mapbox API and gem Mapkick like AirBnB

30/01/2023 (about 1 year ago)
mapkick api gem mapkick airbnb search map markers

In the previous episode we learnt to use gem Geocoder to calculate COORDINATES (latitude, longitude) based on address.
In this episode, we will display multiple coordinates on a map. Together with Geocoder search, this will empower us to create interactive maps like AirBnB does!
We will also make the links to the locations CLICKABLE!

Text description:
Episode source code:
Gem mapkick:

0:00 Previous work with Geocoding
0:54 Airbnb example
1:46 Install Mapkick-RB
3:45 display a map with different options
7:23 separate map for each location
8:27 clickable links to locations
10:55 display all locations on ONE map
11:45 customize JSON data
13:41 force JSON data to respond to search params

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