Rails 7 #111 Twilio SMS API

16/02/2023 (about 1 year ago)
twilio api send sms sms

Twilio makes it super easy to send SMS from your Ruby app.

In this episode we will:

  • get Twilio API credentials
  • get a Twilio phone number from which we will send SMS
  • verify a test phone number for receiving SMS in development
  • write an SmsService that we can call from anywhere in our app
  • ensure that when using the SmsService we don't send SMS to a real phone number
  • explore the Twilio SMS Dashboard

Episode source code: https://github.com/corsego/111-twilio-sms-api/commit/5cecefabfc2228207989677c1dd5b54b21cf9218
Based on this blogpost: https://blog.corsego.com/rails-twilio-sms-api

Don't worry, I've updated my twilio credentials. Don't forget to never expose yours!

0:00 Do you need SMS in 2023?
1:02 Install Twilio Ruby in a Rails app
2:52 Get Twilio API keys, phone number and whitelist countries
5:50 Try sending an SMS
6:22 Make Twilio SmsService generic
8:50 Send generic SMS message
9:53 Summary of code changes
11:09 Explore Twilio dashboard

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