Rails #160 Meta Tags. Open Graph, SEO, social sharing previews

26/02/2024 (about 2 months ago)
meta tags seo

Meta tags help to render your website nicely in the browser, in search engines, and in social media link previews.

Favicon, site name, page title, page description, and page image are the most impactful meta tags.

Learn to set meta tags without and with gem meta-tags.
Learn to preview meta tags by specialised crawler tools.

Episode source code: https://github.com/corsego/160-meta-tags-og/commit/d29de3545657f0fcf5caefda8f705d8c616cb724
Based on this blogpost (it contains links to all the crawler tools): https://blog.corsego.com/meta-tags-without-a-gem

0:00 How do meta tags work
3:30 meta page title
5:09 meta favicon
9:14 meta description
7:10 meta tags abstraction
9:15 meta image
10:38 page-specific meta tags
12:28 install and use gem meta-tags

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